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GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 47QTCA23D000J

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Castillo Technologies, LLC dba Cloud Computing Technologies (CCT) a premier agile DevSecOps cloud computing services firm is pleased to present our GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 47QTCA23D000J contract available to Department of Defense, Federal Government, State Government, Local Government, Regional Government, Tribal Government, Local Educational Agency, and Institution of Higher Education. Castillo Technologies Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List include SIN / NAICS 518210C Cloud Computing and Cloud Related IT Professional Services and SIN / NAICS 54151S IT Professional Services.

SDVOSB and Best-in-Class GSA Multiple Award Schedule


The General Services Administration (GSA) manages the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract, also known as GSA Schedule, Federal Supply Schedule, and GSA Contract. It is an IDIQ contract with an arbitrary delivery and indeterminate quantity (IDIQ) that can help to deliver the latest technological solutions from small businesses to federal agencies.

The GSA Schedule was created to make it easier for government agencies to buy technology goods and services. The pre-negotiated rates, delivery schedules, warranties, and other stipulations and terms contained in the contracts simplify the purchasing process.

Any federal agency may use the CCT GSA Schedule Contract, and the same contact can be used across agencies. Also, the contract’s period is fixed, but the deliverables to a federal agency are not. On top of that, CCT is a Federal Agile DevSecOps Partner for Amazon AWS.


The GSA Schedule is a practical, useful choice for both CCT and Federal Agencies. Agencies benefit from streamlined ordering processes and lower costs, while CCT can swiftly and effectively interact with federal purchasers. The Schedule program encourages conformity while also providing flexibility to address the needs of federal agencies seeking technology solutions.
  • Agreed-upon contract maximum prices
  • Discount options at the order level
  • To address continuous or complicated demands and streamline contract awards and administration, you can use a single contracting vehicle.
  • Less paperwork and administrative time is required because GSA is in charge of managing the master contract.
  • Orders given to small businesses and other socioeconomic groups receive socioeconomic credit Standards for Service Contract Labor (SCLS) Compliance

Our Services on 47QTCA23D000J

DevSecOps Solutions

DevSecOps Solutions

It’s a perfect opportunity to automate, monitor and apply agile security throughout ALL phases of the agile software life-cycle. This begins right away in the planning phase but carries on into development, building, testing, release, delivery, deployment and beyond. In that way, it’s very similar to CI/CD in that it puts you in a better position to frequently deliver apps to your end users by introducing automation wherever and whenever you can.

Deep Learning Services

Deep Learning

According to one recent study, every person will generate about 1.7 megabytes of new data every single second. But at the same time, data on its own is meaningless. It’s little more than a series of countless 1s and 0s sitting on a hard drive somewhere. What you need is a way to make sense of that data – analyzing it in a way that uncovers the true story hidden underneath. Common agile tools we use include TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, Theano, and Caffe.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security

This type of agile cloud-based environment brings with it a number of key advantages, like the fact that people can work from anywhere and communication and collaboration have never been easier. But it also dramatically increases the potential attack surface of your business, too – there are simply more ways for you to fall victim to a cyber attacker than there were even a decade ago. Every device connected to the web is a potential vulnerability just waiting to be taken advantage of by someone who knows what they’re doing.

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Experience and Agile Expertise

you can trust

Years in business
180 +
Contracts Awarded

Our Agile DevSecOps Best Practices approach

Empowering and delivering

Delivering incremental higher value agile software to end-users with high collaboration, common tool sets, and full life-cycle responsibility.

Incorporated DoD Enterprise Design

Deploying high quality software improvements at the speed of operations enhances agency outcomes.

Years supporting Department of Air Force

Celebrating 12+ Years supporting Air Force’s medical facilities, security operations, systems development, and other missions.

Regionalized dedicated Agile Trains

Regional Agile Release Trains that plan, commit, develop, and deploy fully integrated software deliverables.

Evolving Security and Compliance Strategy

DevSecOps agile security and compliance strategy that evolves from emerging threats using robust governance and risk mitigation, covering all legal, regulatory, and technical facets.

Code development and deployment velocity

Enhanced application performance from fast and often agile code deployments to keep pace with critical feature requests.

Cost optimization and unnecessary expense avoidance

Optimize resources to maximize value and eliminate successful outcome blockers by customizing software to immediate need.

Quality, security and compliance at all levels

Quality and Security incorporated practices at all stages of agile software development workflow.

Multi-Cloud Agile Ecosystem

Avoid major cloud provider vendor lock-in by shifting workloads to platform of advantage with portable container workloads..

Additional Services

Microservices Agile Software Development

  • Agile Application Design and Development
  • Agile Application Maintenance
  • Agile Application Enhancement
  • Agile Application Support

Managed Services GSA Contract

  • Development Operations
  • Production Support
  • Technical Support
  • Data Lake Services

Agile Application Rationalization and Migration

  • Application Re-Engineering
  • Application Transformation
  • Monolith to Microservices
  • Modern Languages and Frameworks

Agile IaC Cloud Platform Services

  • Cloud Native Solutions
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Kubernetes and Istio
  • DevSecOps CI/CD Pipeline

Our Clients

CCT DoD Federal Testimonials
Under tight deadlines and with high expectations, CCT delivered, and was a pleasure to contract with on a time sensitive agile software re-platforming initiative. Professional, detail oriented and thoroughly competent - I would not hesitate to recommending them to other agencies.
Military Program Manager
After working with CCT since 2010 on several devsecops development projects, we have come to appreciate their expertise, professionalism, and follow up throughout the agile development cycle, and we were very pleased with the final product.
Federal IT Manager
We are quite impressed by the speed of platform implementations by CCT with their 'infrastructure as code' devsecops deployment tools. With CCT’s expertise, we can test our applications on various platform improvement configurations.
DoD Technical Director
After working with CCT for over a year on multi-cloud integration, I'm a very pleased with their talent, professionalism, and ability to meet our timelines. I would definitely recommend them for any devsecops Cloud-Native project.
VP of Software Development

Our Strategic Partners

AWS GovCloud US
Microsoft Azure
VMware Professional Partner

Disclaimer: Microsoft Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, Red Hat Inc., ​Kubernetes, Istio, VMware Inc., are sold by Castillo Technologies, LLC dba Cloud Computing Technologies, an authorized reseller. All logos and service marks are trademarks of their respective company or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries. GSA and GSA stars logo are trademarks of their respective Federal Agencies or its affiliates in the United States.

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)


Frequently Asked Questions

On sometimes, a government agency’s requirements can only be met by one contractor. These agreements are known as sole source contracts. Although they are less typical in the GSA Schedules program, sole source agreements do exist. However, the sole source requirements of FAR Part 6 are not applicable to orders placed under GSA Schedule contracts.

When making purchases against the GSA Schedule program, government acquisition professionals must follow the steps outlined in FAR 8.4. FAR 8.4 specifically addresses:

  1. Contracts’ descriptions
  2. Employing methods for ordering goods and services that don’t need a Statement of Work (SOW)
  3. Employing and placing orders for services needing a SOW
  4. Contractor teaming arrangements, and blanket purchase agreements (BPAs) for repeat purchases (CTA)
  5. Documentation for a fair opportunity, competitive requirements, determining best value, and source selection
With the help of pre-negotiated better pricing, the GSA arranges long-term government-wide deals with commercial companies through the GSA Schedules Program, lowering the administrative costs associated with government agencies’ purchases of products and services.
The GSA Schedule Contract scope includes IT hardware, IT services, IT software, and IT solutions. These include cloud solutions and agile software development.
Contracts under the GSA Schedule have a five-year base period and three additional five-year optional periods. Delivery or task orders are issued by ordering operations under the GSA Schedule deal. Orders must be placed while the Schedule contract is still in force. Orders placed during the effective period but weren’t finished during that time frame must be finished within the time frame stated in the order. However, the “period designated” cannot extend past the expiration of the Schedule contract by more than 60 months.

Only if the company awarded the order depicted its status as small for the underlying Multiple Award contracts for the same NAICS code as that assigned to the order—and provided recertification was neither necessary nor had taken place for the contract or order—would agencies be eligible for small business credit.

Agencies can use the GSA eLibrary and GSA Advantage to look up prospective contractors and determine which ones can offer the goods and/or services they need. Your agency reports contract activities in the Federal Procurement Database System after the award to collect socioeconomic credit (FPDS).

Even if it leaves the GSA Schedule program, a FAR 8.4 contractor may continue to receive new orders under the GSA Schedule Contract. The original GSA Schedule program contract has been accepted by SBA and is valid for the whole duration of the contract.