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Does cloud computing create cost efficiency for the Navy?

According to the recent news, it has been got to know that the Navy would like to initiate a better plan for concluding legacy data centers as they would like to shift military data to secure commercial cloud facilities. So, it has been clear that the Navy wants to increase to the utilization of cloud computing in future IT processes. It has been expected that the utilization of cloud computing services with a effective strategy to gain cost efficiencies on more than 12,000 servers and enlarge its original range of 67 data center consolidations. Security is further enhanced when systems are consolidated on the cloud.

Now, the question is – does cloud computing create cost efficiency for the Navy?

Cloud computing surely creates cost efficiency for the Navy and Marine Corps. The key reason of adopting cloud computing services by the Navy is to achieve budget efficiency and cost savings. The Navy is looking for leveraging commercial industry to improve the competence and efficiency of Navy data centers. Therefore, the Navy wants to develop its proficiency in data center consolidation with experience and expertise of cloud computing. This is how the intention of expanding the use of commercial hosting opportunities for its process. This will help the execution strategy in the future maximizing commercial industry skills, capabilities, and competition. Further information available at Does Cloud Computing Create Cost Efficiency for the Navy

Cost Effective Cloud for the Navy – Key Reason of Adopting

The key part of having success for data center consolidation is the Navy’s capacity to optimize the goals of saving maximum expenditure of the next five years. As a note, the Navy would be surely to have better savings, which can be attained through manpower lessening, regulating and combining information technology systems and applications. Better savings can also be achieved through using alternate data hosting environments.

However, the Navy has challenges over considering particular applications, which can migrate to Navy Enterprise Data Centers, Defense Information Systems Agency facilities and Navy-Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) hosting sites. They are also concerned about the specific system engineering and integration efforts, which align with NMCI and Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) environment. Therefore, commercial cloud computing providers have to take careful consideration of compatibility and Enterprise alignment.

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