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Accelerate Cloud

Navy and Marine Corps accelerate cloud

The officials of the Navy and Marine Corps are looking for opportunities with agile DevSecOps and commercial cloud computing services to move more military data to commercial solutions. This process will help create a system in which they will be able to shift their public data to Amazon’s cloud. Further information available at Why the Navy and Marine Corps accelerate cloud adoption?.

Reason for Navy and Marine Corps accelerate cloud

The main reason of accelerating DevSecOps cloud adoption by the Navy and Marine Corps is to reduce more than a billion dollars in duplicative IT data center spending. The Navy and Marine Corps have been faced with federal budget shortages requiring the pursuit of IT efficiencies through secure cloud IT services and which they control and to accelerate this process with emerging cloud computing technology. Commercial cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft Azure offer data center capabilities on per usage costing model and gain the use of up-to-date technology while optimizing IT savings. This commercial cloud computing will enable them to host military data in a public cloud. They can also have a commercial facility designated for government use with cloud computing technology.

The Navy and Marine Corps are also considering expanding the use of mobile cloud solution, which is in line with best practices for efficiency and effective technology collaboration capabilities. Keeping the key reason for finding the right blend of solutions to manage standard data centers and cloud computing, which will drastically cut down legacy IT spending, the Navy and Marine Corps cloud by notifies commercial cloud services providers their interest in best-of-breed cloud solutions.

Consideration of Commercial Cloud Computing Services

Moreover, the Navy and Marine Corps would like to pilot innovative cloud applications before implementing cloud computing into its processes. They would like to examine solutions that secure data-at-rest, and data-in-motion, and authenticated/authorized use from hybrid cloud platforms that incorporate their existing data centers with application melding to eliminate single-point-of-failure potentials and mitigate security risks around that data. It has been considered that the data package its applications’ storage can be modernized with the help of cloud computing technology.

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