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Navy Cloud Computing

Navy IT Savings in the Cloud

Navy IT Savings in the Cloud: Moving Navy data-centers, websites, and networks to secure cloud computing will more than likely reduce cost in IT spending and accelerate mobility of secure applications and secure data for fast paced decision making in critical operational environments. Further information is available at IT Savings using Cloud for the Military.

Navy IT Savings in the Cloud

Although there has been slow implementation of military-grade secure cloud computing in a commercial cloud setting, the development and advancements of two and three factor authentication along with the ability to secure data from loss on the battle-space, will only complement further phases of developing comprehensive military-grade cloud computing technology platforms. Further, emerging with security best practices for infrastructure as a service (IaaS) , SPAWAR has achieved the required consents, guarantees and authorizations while teaming up with the Defense of Department, civilian and intelligence communities.

Navy IT savings in the cloud is the best way that military branches can develop innovation, collaboration and efficiency. SPAWAR, which is also known as the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command recently indicates that they would like to use commercial cloud computing in its IT systems to gain inherent benefits.

Leveraging Commercial Cloud Computing Services

The goal of the Navy is to achieve inter-interoperability of disparate systems which in cost aggregate limit investments in future weapon systems and distracts from core missions. Hence, the Navy develops further plans to leverage commercial cloud computing services to reduce their huge cost in IT spending and to have smarter technology implementation at minimal capital expenditure. Further testing conducted by the Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command resulted in successful relocation of low-affect data frameworks to the more savvy business in cloud systems.

Tommy Groves, SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic spokesman, said with regard to this, “Addressing the gaps that prevented Department of Defense from using commercial cloud services was non-trivial effort. Looking at policy, process, protocols, architecture and acquisition through this lens really represented a fundamental shift in how we think about operational IT.”

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