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Ordering From GSA Schedule

The GSA Schedule, also known as the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) and the Federal Supply Schedule, is a lengthy government-wide deal with private companies that gives qualified buyers access to a wide range of commercial goods and services at volume discount rates. Local, tribal, state and some academic institutions are examples of eligible non-federal entities (NFEs), which can also purchase products and services from the GSA Schedule.
NFEs should check the GSA purchasing program requirements to see if their entity qualifies to make purchases from the GSA Schedule before utilizing the GSA Schedule.

How to Place an Order Through the GSA Schedule

There are several options for government buyers who want to purchase from the GSA Schedule. Buyers can explore GSA Schedule Contract holders’ offers on the GSA eLibrary portal or use GSAAdvantage to look for specific products. Organizations can use the GSA’s online system to post Requests for Proposals (RFPs) as an alternative.
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How to Make Purchases Against the GSA Schedule

When making purchases against the GSA Schedule program, government acquisition professionals must follow the steps outlined in FAR 8.4. FAR 8.4 specifically addresses the following:
  1. Contracts’ descriptions
  2. Employing methods for ordering goods and services that don’t need a Statement of Work (SOW)
  3. Employing and placing orders for services requiring an SOW
  4. Contractor teaming arrangements and blanket purchase agreements (BPAs) for repeat purchases (CTA)
  5. Documentation for a fair opportunity, competitive requirements, determining best value, and source selection

What are the current far rules for placing an order through the GSA Schedule

Fair notice competition rules for orders made against the GSA Schedules have been modified by an interim FAR regulation, which has also changed rules for:
  • Other (IDIQ) Multiple Award Contracts
  • Governmental Purchasing Agreements (GWACs)
  • Blanket Purchase Agreements with FSS (BPAs)
Buyers submitting orders against any of the aforementioned multiple award contracts must obtain at least three quotations unless they submit the Request for Quote (RFQ) using eBuy. eBuy complies with the new FAR requirement that buyers give “fair notice to all contractors.”